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Our Roots

Sanctified. Stylish Faith Based Fashion.

I was always a rebel. Always looking for the next thing big that I could push myself into. I joined the army, I rode motorcycles, I wanted to become a mechanic, in the military my M.O.S. was 88 mic, truck driver/mechanic. I was drawn to all sorts of things that were outside of what was expected of me as a woman. I was seeking attention, I was seeking approval, I was always SEEKING. I think that when we are always looking for the 'next big thing', what we're really looking for is God.

God puts it in our hearts to seek him. We start out seeking our own identity, but what we are truly seeking is God. When you find God, he teaches you that the next big thing is not to be done for you, but to be done for HIm. God meets you right where you are. In the Battlefield.

Once I found God I wanted to know everything about him. I wanted to study every book in the Bible. Lord give me my marching orders! In studying Ephesians, I learned how we can arm ourselves to walk victoriously through life! Because when you raise your eyes to God you hold your chin up high. Ephesians tells us to "Put on the whole armor of God" that we may be strong in the power of His might. To "shield ourselves from the firery darts of the wicked one."; "To take up the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God." If you can keep yourself armed and protected with the word and let God fight your battles for you, no battle is to big.

I never really looked closely at why I've been drawn to fashion. I do know it's a very essential part of my being. In 2013 I took a fashion design class for fun and was inspired to start Sanctified.

The idea for the Scripture Coat came during the same time period. God just put things into place to make it happen. 


I noticed that they weren't many stylish Christian fashion brands. I started by designing a Scripture Coat for myself, using verse from Ephesians 6:18 integrated into the design. I had so many people stop and ask me about my coat.  They wanted one for themselves. I was excited that people liked the idea and began taking orders, literally on the street.


I believe God inspired me to start Sanctified as a way for me to spread the word. When people ask about me about the Scripture Coat, it gives me a chance testify to them.


There is safety and security in God's Word. There's a very dark world out there and if your are lined with Scripture - specifically the scripture that is the armor of God, nothing can stand against. You can remind yourself during the course of the day, by looking at your sleeve or lapel, or just knowing that God's hand is on you that his covering is over you. 

Inside the coat there is a pocket for memory verse. You can select and carry verse with you, to help during your own trials, or for those who you are witnessing to. It's nice to have these little memory verses with you as a reminder that God is always by your side.

May the God of Peace be with you...


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